Another great promotional method is to run some kind of contest or event. This can, for example, mean that you promise to do something if enough people Like your page (a great way to encourage more people to sign up). You could alternatively offer free promotion to people who use #yourbrand and take photos using your products on Instagram. Or you could use promotions like events (actual meetups!) or opportunities for people to name products or win prizes.

In all of these cases, you are giving people more reason to interact with your brand, to spread the word, to provide you with free marketing and promotion and to engage with you. All these things will help to strengthen you as a brand and at the same draw more attention to your channel and it’s a great way to get the occasional extra boost.

Other than ongoing schemes though (such as hashtags), try not to over-egg this one. Otherwise, people can quickly get fed up of a scenario where you aren’t providing value anymore but are instead just running promotion after promotion.

Offer Discounts

While I said that you shouldn’t focus too much on promoting your own products and services, one way that you can promote yourself and get away with it is by offering discounts and money off. Surveys show that this is something that most social media users actually appreciate (rather than seeing as a nuisance) and as such, you can usually get away with it!

Offering discounts really is a way of providing value, because they are getting money off of something. That means they have saved money by following you and that in turn means they received value! Another great thing about offering promotions is that Facebook’s CPA (Cost Per Action) ads actually let you use ‘redeeming a voucher’ as an action.

So if you run a promotion and pay for advertising on Facebook, you can set it up so that it only costs you money when someone actually bites and pays for your product. This means you can precisely calculate your profits and feed money into your advertising to increase turnover and revenue!

When you try and attract more people to your social media account, you should make it clear that you will be providing offers. This way, people won’t be annoyed or frustrated when you occasionally mention that there’s a 10% money off deal and better yet, it means that everyone following you will be potentially open to your offers. That’s a very targeted audience right there!

Oh and another thing: remember to use the VIP approach when mentioning your offers. Remember, these are exclusive and exciting offers that they can’t get anywhere else. These are completely unique and they are being offered them because they are part of your movement. This can make your audience feel special again, which will increase their likelihood of wanting to take advantage of their good fortune by making an order!

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